Decorating For Christmas

We Wish You A Merry Christmas...

When I was younger ( a lot younger) December 1st, without fail, the tree would be up. My mom would let us pass her each ornament carefully, but we were never allowed to place them on the tree. Some may call her a tree perfectionist, we just thought she was being mean. I vowed that when I grew up I would let my children help decorate the tree and involve them in such a wonderful festive task. Well I take it all back! Children have no concept of tree aesthetic and do not understand (no matter how much you repeat/yell) that all the ornaments do NOT belong on the same branch. Its kind of like that episode of Friends where Monica lets everyone help decorate the tree and it just looks a bit shit and doesn't feel like Christmas until she spins it around to her immaculate side.

Luckily people on Instagram and Pinterest know how to decorate for Christmas so my eyes aren't so offended, but I'm sure we all have those Facebook friends that still enjoy a bit of thread bare tinsel thats just thrown on in "christmas spirit".

Each year I seem to put the tree and decorations up earlier and earlier, but I also end up taking it down earlier and earlier too. Does anyone else love taking down the trimmings, hoovering round and feeling like they have a humongous house!? Anyway, this year I went for a 'Traditional meets Modern' theme. I'm one for keeping decorations and just adding to them each year, so I have various decorations on my tree. I'm the awful mother that tends to hide"nursery-made" ornaments on the inner branches (or the back) but at least they made it on there...kind of!

Many of you may have seen my light up star featured in a few of my instagram posts. Well I thought I would make this my "top of the tree" star this year. To my delight I also found a huge light up set of XMAS letters from 'The Range' at a bargain price. Their Christmas section is drool worthy if you're on a budget! Also when unpacking I found a mystery Unicorn, which must have been a gift at some stage which was a lovely surprise being 'The Unicorn Rooms' first Christmas!

I hope you and your little helpers enjoy trimming the tree this month and let me know what's your theme this year?

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