Happy New Year

What are you planning for 2016?

Happy New Year ! I hope everyone is feeling pleasantly plump after festive feasts and saw in the new year with style. Personally I spent it in my PJs working. My new year goal is to work more, achieve more and finish those outstanding projects once and for all, so what better way to start the year as you mean to go on.

2015 on reflection was a weird one, but when we discussed aloud all the things we had done as a family we realised just how much we accomplished. Its easy to tarnish an entire year with a bad brush because of a few hiccups, but when you really break it down was it really that bad? My major achievement in 2015 was that I managed to lose 4 stone. I still have a little more to shift to be in my ratio bracket, so as of today, no treats shall pass my lips.

For 2016 I have my sights set on more family outings, spreading good karma and launching a few exciting new projects that have been hidden for longer than necessary.

From my family to yours may I wish you an exciting, eventful and forever loving year ahead. Make 2016 the year you never want to end!

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