Illustrate To The Point

Illustrate To The Point

The earth without art is just "eh"

If you follow me on instagram (if not, then please do) you will know that I have been posting some of my line drawings. All my artwork has been boxed up for the best part of a year during our relocation and house move, so unpacking them all again recently was like christmas. I doodle so much I often forget exactly what I've scribbled. Sometimes I can create something that at the time just doesn't feel right and it doesn't get finished, but then I pick up that torn piece of paper with a perfect outline and cute character and think "why haven't I ever used this". I'm always recycling forgotten illustrations and its nice to see how much my drawing skills have improved over the years.

Creating something so personal is always hard to share with others. To be judged, liked, bought, recommended is always hard, and even after 10 years of posting my artwork online it still takes me a while to deliberate "is that good enough to show the world". There's many of my illustrations, line drawings that no one will ever see. Those doodles that are a release after having a break from picking up a pencil, like when you have to scribble a biro for a bit before it starts functioning properly.

I'm not too sure if I have a distinct style to my artwork, whether you'd be able to pick my illustrations out of a line-up. I guess I have a certain way I draw faces and hair which make my drawings correlate, but beyond that I can adapt my style to suit my mood. This definitely helps when it comes to being a freelance artist as I can illustrate to suit my clients needs and it also allows me to separate my heart from those drawings that I have to part with instantly.

If you would like a custom illustration for personal use of for publication please get in touch I am always happy to discuss fun projects and who knows you may revive an old doodle I was ready to give up on.

You can find most of my artwork online under the alias "doodlesbydanni" .

theunicornroom-shaded illustration


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