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So I've been quiet around here, but I have a good excuse!

If you are a regular reader of my blog let me take you back to a post I made in November all about Jude's Letter to Santa . Its a fairly standard 3 year old christmas wish list. It includes the usual character based items and of course every parents nightmare, something noisy and annoying (I sometimes regret fulfilling the drum kit request) but there was one thing on the list that was a little extreme and out of the blue since we had never discussed the subject, especially not with Jude. To quote Jude's request ... "Last but not least I would like a baby sister (a boy shaped one). Mummy said you won't be able to get one of these because daddy would get mad, but I'm going to ask anyway." . He wanted a sister until he realised that meant girl so to clarify he wanted to outline he wanted a boy, so I played along and posted the letter.

Well, Stephen and I went above and beyond the call of parental duty as low and behold, we didn't just betray our ear drums for real drums, we also decided to fulfil the baby wish. I can't say we had thought about the subject much before. Parenting is hard and one child seemed more than enough for us to handle, but something in me just couldn't crush his tiny Santa beliefs. I can't wait for baby number 2 to find out it was the result of a christmas wish list, that'll be interesting, but at least every time Jude moans about the new baby ruining his game of cars or ripping the pages from his favourite book I will be quick to remind him who's idea this all was!

Fast forward to the present (no pun intended) and I am pleased to announce that we are currently 20 weeks pregnant with none other than a "boy shaped one". I mean come on, that is like parents #winning right there. When Jude is older and wants money for a night out or a lift at 4am and then protests we never give him anything I will simply retaliate by sending him a photo of him hugging his new born brother. Yes, I am truly going to milk this situation to my advantage, especially since I had worked so hard to lose 3 stone last year of left over baby weight and now i'm piling it all back on again! What we do for our kids!

baby scan and proud big brother

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