Our New Home…For Now

I'm a homebody and I rarely enjoy change, so when I tell people that I move ALL the time they're surprised. I even surprise myself sometimes, but there comes a time when you have an urge to "start a fresh" and it just seems my family have that urge more than most. Just to put this into perspective, my son is 3 and we've lived in 4 different houses since he was born, 5 if you count the house I was pregnant in!

I'm currently residing in Birmingham. I've come full circle, back to my hometown. This wasn't the plan, but things happen, and well, this happened. I won't bore you with the details of months and months of trying to secure our current house. It's a rental, imagine having to stress over securing a rental, but anyway. The house was a little unloved thanks to the last tenants, in fact it was actually abused by them, but being the creative I am I saw its potential. It was perfect for our needs, so to Stephen's initial dismay (thats the name of my partner in crime btw) we took on the house in its awful state.

Can anybody recall watching 'obsessive compulsive cleaners'? it was like that, only it was now my house and my responsibility to clean. I found chewing gum behind radiators, the fridge leaked rotten food juice all under the flooring and I even found a deodorant can underneath the gas cooker. Every inch held a little surprise for us, so it kept us on our toes. Once kitted out in what can only be described as an FBI boiler suit we demolished, bleached and cursed ALOT. Fast forward 2 months and we have cleaned, fixed and decorated a total of 8 rooms plus a rather large hallway and apart from the odd light fitting that needs replacing because it offends my eyes, we are finished.

For the very purpose of this blog I managed to document the transformation in a few snapshots and I still cannot believe how I was able to see past all the mess. Now we are here I'm glad I had the ability to visualise. We won't be here forever, but for now, this is our home. Now, how long until I can put the christmas decorations up?( yes I ruined the moment, I went there)❤

Kitchen - Before & After

Living/Dining Room - Before & After

Bathroom - Before & After

Office - Before & After



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