Children’s Unicorn Book | Popcorn The Unicorn | Character Profiles

The Unicorn

"Here we have a Unicorn,
who was as naughty as can be.
He’s now known to most as “Popcorn”,
and in this story you will see."

This Unicorn, he's a wanderer. He loves exploring the forest and doesn't call any part his official home, but if he had to choose he's fond of a quiet part of the forest where he enjoys gazing at the stars before bedtime. He's best known for cooking up yummy forest flavoured popcorn.

The Dragons

"Three scaly dragons danced around,
blowing bubbles that floated high.
They filled the cave from end to end,
escaping happily into the sky."

Nestled in the rocks at the edge of the forest are three scaly dragons. They enjoy living on the edge to take flight when those pesky dwarfs get far too loud and annoying. They enjoy blowing bubbles to keep them calm and stop them breathing fire and scorching the plants nearby.

The Pixies

"The door burst open suddenly,
with loud giggles flooding out.
Followed by a group of pixies,
with shiny balloons in their mouth."

The Pixies live in a shallow part of the forest so they can still bathe in the sunlight that falls onto the soft grass surrounding their treehouse. Whilst the wild flowers bloom the Pixies enjoy nothing more than giggling, indulging in sweet treats and sharing balloon rides.

The Dwarfs

"Bearded dwarfs were out in crowds,
bunting hung from every tree.
Three dwarfs were sat upon a stage,
competing for the woodland trophy."

The dwarfs are noticeably Loud and sociable folk and all live together in the middle of the forest. They love being the centre of everything. They're always competing to find out who's the best at any given task and they love eating far too many wild berry pies and chewing bubble gum.

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