Children’s Unicorn Book | Popcorn The Unicorn | Illustrated Rhyming Book

Children's Unicorn Book, Popcorn the Unicorn, is a magical 42 page, fully illustrated, children’s rhyming book that both children and adults can enjoy.

Unlike other children's unicorn books, Popcorn the Unicorn is aimed at both boys and girls and I can assure you his mischievous ways will capture their imagination.

Reading with my own two children, we are always getting lost between the pages of beautiful words and imagery which inspired me to develop my own characters and stories to share with them. They enjoyed them so much I've decided to share this with you.
Popcorn the unicorn Pixies

So what's the story about? Besides the spoiler of it being about a unicorn, the story also includes dragons, pixies and dwarfs. All of these characters are enjoying themselves and somehow the unicorn happens to ruin all their fun. Seeing that everyone is not very happy with the unicorns behaviour, he finds a creative way to apologise to the forest folk and he decides that being good is a lot more rewarding, implementing a great moral for children!

The rhyming nature of the book allows a good flow and momentum to the story and I've included repetitive verses to encourage children to engage with the story and story time itself. If your child is more of a visual creature I've illustrated 42 pages in full colour to accompany the story. Choosing a beautiful muted vintage palette was important to me as I wanted the book to appeal to both boys and girls, which is unusual for a Unicorn themed book.

I have my children to thank for introducing me to some amazing authors and illustrators. I also have my children to thank for this book taking nearly 2 years to complete, but it's finally finished. I hope you will follow the link below to purchase the book via Amazon and I wish you and your children both enjoy every word and every image.

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