Popcorn The Unicorn

Popcorn The Unicorn

My Children's Book

You may know me as an illustrator. If you've just stubbled across this page you may not even know me at all, but this year I self-published my first ever children's book.

I've always written poems (I had one published once when I was 12 years old) and I'd always write quirky poems and anecdotes in cards to family and friends when I was younger, but in 2015 I put pen to paper and started something completely unintentional.

Lets jump back to early 2015. I'd recently been made redundant, which pushed us to make the huge leap across the Irish sea from the Isle of Man back to Birmingham for a fresh start. Somehow we managed to squeeze ourselves and our belongings back into my childhood home until we found our feet, and with 8 people living in a 2 bedroom house, there was a lot of feet. The prospect of the unknown obviously sparked some creative determination because I ended up penning a rough draft of something rather good. A story for children. The words were there, but what was next? As with most things, life gets in the way, so my words were put away.

Fast forward a year, we were in a new home, we had a new routine and I had time to decide on what was next for my children's story. I started to sketch the characters and build the pages of my first book. After doing some research, self-publishing seemed the way forward.

I can't describe the feeling of having that first copy arrive in the post, granted there was a spelling mistake that I'd miss the first time round, but I'd produced a book, a book that a child would read, that a child would request and that a child would fall to sleep too.

So what's the story about? Besides the spoiler of it being about a unicorn, the story also includes dragons, pixies and dwarfs. All of these characters are enjoying themselves and somehow the unicorn happens to ruin all their fun. Seeing that everyone is not very happy with the unicorns behaviour, he finds a creative way to apologise to the forest folk and he decides that being good is a lot more rewarding, implementing a great moral for children!

The rhyming nature of the book allows a good flow and momentum to the story and I've included repetitive verses to encourage children to engage with the story and story time itself. If your child is more of a visual creature I've illustrated 42 pages in full colour to accompany the story. Choosing a beautiful muted vintage palette was important to me as I wanted the book to appeal to both boys and girls, which is unusual for a Unicorn themed book.

I have already received some independent reviews on the book which you may enjoy reading here:
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You can purchase Popcorn The Unicorn from Amazon

I hope you enjoy your adventure with Popcorn!

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