September Is The New January

September Is The New January

The Start Of Something New

I know, I know, let the fanfare begin, I've written my first blog in what seems like years, but I'm determined to keep it alive by writing to you all regularly. The reason I've been absent of late is that motherhood kind of gets in the way of things as I'm sure many of you will agree, alongside the fact that babies are actual time-eaters.

For the last year I've been busy taking care of the baby that Jude asked Father Christmas for and today that baby turned 1. I mean come on, it only seems like yesterday I was a blurry eyed midnight mess fumbling about in the dark for nappies and formula. Instead, I'm clenching the wrist of a determined toddler who's making it his mission to grab the candle sitting upon his birthday cake.

Another ridiculous milestone also happened today with Jude embarking on his first day in Year 1. That's like real life school, where he will be getting homework and stuff. Homework that I'm not looking forward to doing and stuff I won't understand. His sweatshirt was too long, his backpack looked too heavy and I didn't want to admit that my baby number 1 was growing up too.

The last year has flown and I admit my social media and website have gotten a little neglected along the way. I've yet to find a perfect balance between work and home life. I'm the mum who starts working at 9pm and procrastinates on a regular basis that I should go to bed earlier as entertaining 2 children on 4 hours sleep a night isn't fun at the best of times let alone by choice.

Well, I'm here to declare that I'm finally ready to shed those maternity pants and screw my creative head back on. To create a schedule that doesn't take away time from the children, but also allows me some sleep. September is officially my January and I have a long list of things I'd like to achieve. So what's your motivation this month?

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