Where did January go?

Did you make the most of this month?

Anyone else wondering where January has gone? Verging on the last week already. My honeymoon period with 2016 is quite clearly coming to an end and all those empty resolutions I made has sent me in to panic mode and I honestly think I'm just going to start a fresh in February. Yes, yes, February will be my January, albeit a cheaters January, but a fresh start none the less.

I feel January is just one big long depressing Monday. You can't start great things on Mondays no matter how hard you procrastinate. My January has been filled with numerous bouts of child sickness, adult sickness, freezing cold mornings and just trying to make it through the month until payday. There was simply no time to choose healthy meal alternatives and throw myself into a new exercise regime. I envy those who did manage a very organised and positive start to the year, but like I said, February here I come #newmonthnewyou

How has everyone else embraced 2016? Please share :)

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